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alice coltrane is my spirit nana


can ppl essplain the appeal of Sophie/PC music to me idgi

sophie has catchy hooks, wild ass high def sound design and doesn’t sound like anything else. the PC music stuff i can take or leave musically, for the most part, but i don’t mind it and i respect the hustle.

the art school conceit about it that gets certain people so riled up is definitely tangible but i don’t get why it bothers people w/r/t their music specifically so much. how much fucking drone and noise and avant techno and outsider house has similar levels of blatant ostentatiousness and academia that merely gets glossed over or explained away? where were all these dudes (yes, dudes) when lee gamble, a guy with a background in the hoitiest of toity academic computer music, did diversions 94-96, which was some on some pretty similarly art-school-mining-low(er)-culture shit? i honestly think it’s the feminine/queer aspect of the PC music stuff that pisses lots of forum warriors off and the whole “i’m tired of all this post-irony” thing is largely a scapegoat.

like i fully get not paying attention to it if it’s not ones thing but i think the people getting actually pissed off about it enough to post multiple paragraphs on RA need to do a little bit of inner reconciliation.